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Codes & Technical Services
Codes & Technical Services
Code Amendment Proposal Application​
Flammable Combustible Liquid Application (fillable)​
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Application (fillable)
Community Right to Know
Community Right to Know
CR2K Information Request Form
HSIS Request Form For Unreported Sites​
Fire & Life Safety Services

Fire & Life Safety Services​

Licensed Facility Referral for Fire Safety Inspection FILLABLE

Fire & Life Safety Education

Home Fire Safety:

Fire Prevention and Safety Materials Order Form​

​Training and Events:

Training and Event Requests

License & Permits


Cardlock Facility Regulations Brochure

Cardlock Facility License Application

Weekly Site Inspection Worksheet

Fuel Purchase Report


Magazine Relocation Form


​Agricultural Fireworks:

Agricultural Fireworks Permit Application

Agricultural Fireworks Permit Brochure

​Limited Fireworks 1.4g fireworks:

Limited Operator Certification Application

Limited Operator Certification Brochure

Limited Fireworks Display Permit Application

Limited Fireworks Display Permit Application Brochure

​General Fireworks 1.3g:

General Operator Certification Examination Application

General Operator Certification Application

General Operator Certification Brochure

General Fireworks Display Permit Application

General Fireworks Display Permit Brochure

General Fireworks Display Fireworks Report Blank

​Special Effects Display:

Special Effects Fireworks Display Permit Application

Special Effects Display Brochure

​Retail Fireworks Sales:

Retail Fireworks Sales Permit Application

Retail Fireworks Sales Permit Brochure

Retail Sales Stand/Tent Inspection Form

Retail Sales Stand/Tent Inspection Brochure

Return of Unsold Retail Fireworks Form

​Wholesale Fireworks Sales:

​Wholesale Fireworks Permit Application

Wholesale Fireworks Permit Brochure

Current Licensed Fireworks Wholesalers (this one is asked for a lot!)


Liquefied Petroleum Gas License Requirements Brochure

Liquefied Petroleum Gas License Examination Application

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Company License (new company only)

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Fitter & Truck Equipment Operator License Application

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Notice of Installation of Tank Summary Sheet

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tank Installation Notice Form

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Underground Tank Installation Worksheet (required for underground only)

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Notice of Installation of LPG Containers for Utilization as Motor Fuel

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Application to Install LPG Containers (Over 2,000 gallons)

Youth Fire Prevention & Intervention​

Youth Fire Prevention and Intervention Form (formerly known as 10J)

Emergency Evacuation Drill Record

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