Scappoose Fire District and Columbia River Fire & Rescue are in the beginning stages of establishing an aviation program. Initially, we will have 5 pilots trained working under the direction of a Chief Pilot.


All pilots are required to obtain their FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone License. There are additional requirements that includes maintaining proficiency with the Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) aircraft and associated flight planning tools. 

sUAS are considered aircraft that weigh more than .55 pounds but less than 55 pounds and are operated remotely or without a human onboard. Our program is required to complete annual reporting to the Oregon Department of Aviation. All our aircraft are registered with the FAA and Oregon Department of Aviation Department. Additionally, our program complies with the applicable portions of ORS 837.300 - 837.399.

Our current aircraft is a commercially available aircraft that is operated by a US based company located in Bothell Washington.

Our program, pilots and aircraft support the following operations:

1. Elevated Situational Awareness during structure fire suppression.

2. Wildland Fire Situational Awareness.

2. Fire Investigation.

3. Building Inspections (as part of fire and life safety inspections).

4. Natural Disaster damage assessment.

5. Hazardous Materials Situational Awareness.

6. Search and Rescue.

7. Training (Emergency Medical, Fire, Marine, Technical Rescue and Wildland Fire).

8. Requests for flights from other agencies on a case by case basis.

While this platform is in its infancy, the uses are still being realized. In many situations, is is safer and more economical to launch an sUAS than to endanger a firefighter or rent a helicopter.

For more information, please contact the Scappoose Fire District.